Article 1

The Adopter agrees to keep the adopted animal in agreed upon conditions and in accordance with the Protection and Welfare of Animals Act (Official Gazette 135/06) and other regulations that prescribe the keeping and welfare of animals.


The Adopter agrees to regularly provide water and species-appropriate food to the adopted animal, as well as to ensure appropriate living conditions year-long in a way that never leaves the animal exposed to unfavourable weather conditions.


The Adopter agrees to provide regular vaccination against rabies and infectious diseases to the animal, as well as to provide veterinary care in case of illness or injury.


The Adopter agrees to provide the adopted animal with regular physical activity and not to keep it chained. In exceptional cases, the animal may be tethered to a trolley or a running line no shorter than 4 m or kept in an appropriately sized crate, but only in cases when such restraint is necessary in order to ensure the animal’s safety.


The Adopter agrees not to use the animal for hunting or fights.


The Adopter agrees to spay/neuter the animal after it has reached sexual maturity.

The Association shall provide a lower price for spaying/neutering the animal at a veterinary clinic designated by the Association.


Article 2

The Adopter agrees that, in the event of any changes (change of address of the Adopter, the loss or death of the animal etc.) they shall notify the Association of the said change no later than 24 hours after the event.


The Adopter agrees to immediately inform the Association in the event that they are unable to keep the animal, and in agreement and with the consent of the Association, agrees to find a new home for the adopted animal or provide temporary shelter until the animal is rehomed.


In the event that the animal is returned to the Association, there is a fee in the amount of 600.00 HRK, which corresponds to the amount of money invested into the animal by the Association.


Article 3

The Adopter agrees to allow the Association access to their apartment or yard, so that the Association may ascertain whether the animal is kept in appropriate conditions.


In the event that the Association determines that the animal is kept in inappropriate conditions, the Adopter agrees to return the adopted animal to the Association immediately and free of charge, therefore renouncing any rights to the animal.


Article 4

The Adopter is solely responsible for the safety of the adopted animal from the moment the animal is left in their care.


The Adopter is solely responsible for any potential damage that the adopted animal causes due to Adopter’s negligence from the moment the animal is left in their care, and commits to fully compensate for the damage caused by the adopted animal.


Article 5

In the event of a dispute, the contracting parties agree that the said dispute shall be referred for settlement to the Zaprešić Municipal Court.



Article 6

This Agreement is concluded in two identical copies, one copy for each contracting party. By signing this Agreement the contracting parties agree to all of its provisions.


Translation by: Mojca Čađo