Šapica Association for the Protection of Animals and Environment is a nonprofit non-governmental organisation for animal protection that was founded and registered in Zaprešić in 2006. The Association was established by a group of true animal lovers whose dedication and hard work significantly contributed to providing homes and care for a number of stray dogs and cats in the city of Zaprešić and its surroundings. The Association was created with the aim to provide care and find new homes for abandoned, abused and wounded animals and to promote their rights.

The Association strives to provide a better standard of living and medical care to abandoned animals until an appropriate home is found for them. The Association’s programme includes reducing the number of stray dogs and cats in the city of Zaprešić and its surroundings in an acceptable and humane way, as well as caring for abandoned animals and finding adopters. By educating people in order to raise consciousness about responsibility to animals, the Association attempts to find a long-term solution to the problem of abandoning and abusing animals. Special attention is given to spaying and neutering, vaccinating and microchipping animals, since those are very important factors in reducing the number of abandoned animals.

Through its work, The Association aims to achieve the following goals:

* developing consciousness about responsible and humane treatment of animals,
* reducing the number of abandoned animals in a humane way and caring for abandoned animals,

* preventing animal abuse,

* promoting the idea of accepting diversity as a way towards a non-violent society,

* developing a culture of caring for the weak, powerless, rejected, sick, unprotected and unwanted animals,

* rescuing injured animals.


The work and activities of the Association are based on volunteer work. The efforts of our volunteers and friends of the Association have resulted in a large number of adoptions. Volunteer work includes the following: providing quality food; treating sick dogs; procuring medications; supplying dog houses and bedding; advertising dogs that are up for adoption; performing preliminary inspections and checking the animal’s living conditions after adoption; visiting and exchanging experiences with other associations etc.

A portion of our activities, depending on our financial possibilities, includes helping the local community by advising on animal welfare issues. For example, the Association provides free annual vaccinations and free spaying/neutering of dogs to socially disadvantaged citizens.



Plans for the future

A new shelter

Donations for Šapica’s new pet shelter:

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